FLWT Hosts Derek Weidman

FLWT Hosts Derek Weidman

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FLWT is hosting national turner Derek Weidman (www.weidmanwoodsculpture.com) for our October monthly meeting. Mr. Weidman is known for his sculptural turned figures and he will be speaking at a special Friday evening club meeting on October 17th. Derek has dedicated the last seven years to exploring lathe-based sculpture.  His approach involves multi-axis turning as the foundation of his work.  By using the unique shaping processes of turning, Derek has created a descriptive visual language that only the lathe can speak.  This carving process creates novel representations of a wide range of subjects, from those based on human anatomy to various animal forms.  Derek works from a basic question, “What would this look like if rendered through the lens of a wood lathe?”” So from human heads to rhinos, mandrills to birds, Derek captures each idea in a way it has not been expressed before.

His talk Friday evening will be on his work and turning techniques and he will also show us a bit of turning. On Saturday October 18th, Derek will be demonstrating his techniques for (sculptural) turning an animal figure as well as a head figure.  Time permitting, Derek will also show us his embellishment and finishing techniques.  The Saturday event will be an extended demonstration of all aspects of Derek’s techniques and there will be a lot of interesting information presented for turners of all levels.  On Sunday October 19th, Derek will work with us on a hands-on workshop applying his techniques.

Our Friday night meeting starts with a show and share at 6:00pm with a short business meeting and Derek’s lecture beginning at about 6:45pm. The Saturday demonstration of turning will be from 9:00am until approximately 4:00pm. We will break for a short lunch during the day but the club will not be providing lunch so please come prepared with your own. The Friday meeting is of course free and open to all. The Saturday demonstration is also open to all and is only $35.  For Saturday and Sunday participation the cost is $100.

Special Friday Night Meeting: October 17th, 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Saturday Demonstration: October 18th, 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

Sunday Workshop: October 19th, 9:00 am – Early afternoon

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The Friday meeting and the Saturday demonstration will be held at our normal meeting place (see below).  We will provide details on the Sunday Workshop location during our Friday Meeting.

Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning Training Center
180 Charlotte St
Rochester, N.Y.

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