Mark Sillay Workshop

Mark Sillay Workshop

On Sunday Nov 20, Mark will cover the following at a hands on workshop from 8:30am to about 4pm at the Isaac facility.

The cost is $65, and if possible, attendees should also attend the Saturday demonstration as Mark will be doing some of the projects that folks can work on during the workshop. You can sign up on the web site at Register for Events. There are a max of 10 students, and spaces are held for FLWT members until Nov 1, and after that date folks who are not members of FLWT are welcome to register.

However, Mark conduct an open workshop on Sunday where students can work on their own skill building exercises or their own project choices, and he will provide any necessary assistance and guidance. If you want to pursue a particular project, please bring your own project wood. We will have plenty of wood blanks for folks to do skill building and practice pieces. Mark says that his most popular workshop involves helping students learn how to successfully SLICE beads, coves, flats, discs and points.

Recommended tools are the following: wood worm screw, 3/8” spindle gouge, 3/8” bowl gouge, spindle roughing gouge, thin parting tool. Eye and dust safety equipment is required. Mark will furnish all other materials. The lathes will have Oneway Talon chucks with #2 dovetail jaws. You are welcome to bring your own chuck if you need different jaws for a project, if it will fit the mini lathes 1″ x 8tpi thread.

PLEASE NOTE: we will provide the necessary gouges if any of the participants do not have their own tools, so let me know if this is the case. The FLWT grinder with Wolverine jig and Vari-grind will be available for sharpening.